Class Schedule 2021 - TBC

Steward: TBC

Judge: TBC

Special Awards

Most Outstanding Senior Photography Exhibit - Sponsored by LJ Hooker Katherine, $50 plus Ribbon & Trophy.

Most Outstanding Junior Photography Exhibit - Sponsored by The Southport School, $50 plus Ribbon.


  1. The following rules apply in addition to the Regulations.
  2. Entries must be delivered to the Photography Pavilion between 11am and 2pm Saturday prior to Showday.
  3. Entries must not have been entered in a previous Katherine Show.
  4. Photos in junior classes can be printed in any size.
  5. Entries must be firmly attached to a cardboard mount as per diagram. No thicker than 5mm with a 3cm border all around. If your entry falls apart it will not be judged (Do NOT use glue sticks - use double sided tape or staples).
  6. Entries must be submitted with velcro (hook part of the velcro) on the rear of the photo for mounting. Entries without velcro will be asked to make a gold coin donation to cover costs to mount photo.
  7. Photos under glass or glass mounts are not acceptable.
  8. Photographs must be the work of the exhibitor.
  9. No identifying names or marks are to be visible on the displayed photograph