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Colouring In Competition 2020 - Click here to download a copy.

Class Schedule 2020 - TBC

Steward: Colleen McTaggart

Judges: TBC

Special Awards

Most Outstanding Senior Cooking Exhibit - Sponsored by Fay Cox, $50 plus Ribbon.

Most Outstanding Junior Cooking Exhibit - Sponsored by The Southport School, $50 plus Ribbon.

Battle of the Sexes Trophy Best Cake Overall - Sponsored by Macs Hire Service, $50 plus Trophy.

Winner of the Battle of the Sexes 2019 - Abigail McKenna

Men vs Women - Keeping the tradition of competition in the kitchen going – who is the better cook in your house?

2020 will see the 19th year of the “Battle of the Sexes” and the Shelia’s are waaaaaayyyy in front.

Come on Blokes!  Are you going to let the Shelia’s take all the glory again this year?

The Shelia’s have taken the crown home 13 times in comparison to the 6 times the Blokes have taken it home!

Winners from the “Sheila’s Cake” class and the “Bloke’s Cake” class vie it out in the Battle of the Sexes competition with the winner getting their name on the perpetual trophy.

Anne-Maree Wilson Memorial Trophy Best Collection of Preserves - Sponsored by friends and family of Anne-Maree, Trophy.

The 2020 Cox Hagger Challenge is Boiled Fruit Cake (no set recipe) - Sponsored by Fay Cox and Gillian Hagger, 1st $50, 2nd $30 & 3rd $20.

The Cox Hagger Challenge for 2019 was won by Margot Faulkner (Fresh Fruit and/or Vegetable Cake.)

Set Recipe and Suggested Recipe

Sultana Loaf Suggested Recipe


  1. The following rules apply in addition to the Regulations.
  2. Entries are to be delivered to the Cooking Pavilion (below grandstand) between 10am and 12.30pm Thursday prior to Showday.
  3. Cakes, pastries etc, which have been frozen, are acceptable.
  4. Please ensure lids are easily removed for judging.
  5. Present entries on the smallest possible plate or tray, place the entry including plate inside a large clear plastic bag (oven bag is ideal). Do NOT seal the bag.  Please do not use doilies , glad wrap or sticky tape. Gold Coin donation is requested for all entries not presented correctly, to cover costs.
  6. Attach (staple or pin) nomination slip to plate with the entry number showing, before it is placed in the bag.
  7. All cakes and biscuits must be uniced unless specified. This includes dusting with icing sugar and other toppings that are not baked onto the cake/biscuit.
  8. Name variety of cakes and biscuits where specified or they will not be judged. Make sure the variety name is attached to the plate before placing it in the bag.  Make sure you have the correct number of items on the plate and have included any other required information.
  9. No ring tins or fluted cutters to be used.
  10. Packet mixes for cakes and pastries must not be used.
  11. Previous winners of “The Battle of the Sexes” are not eligible for prizes in the Bloke’s and Sheila’s classes or “Battle of the Sexes” award.
  12. Decorated Cakes are to be handwork only. Vase, pillars, ribbon, tulle, stamens and fine natural dried stems are permitted.
  13. Preserves - All entries must be in screw top jars, preserving type jars, or bottles with lids; of 250 ml or greater. Attach (sticky tape or glue etc) the nomination slip to the BASE of the jar or bottle with the entry number showing. Write the entry number on the label & lid.  Please loosen the lid.