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Colouring In Competition 2020 - Click here to download a copy.

Class Schedule 2020 - TBC

  • Steward: The Dept. Primary Industries & Fisheries
  • Judge: Ian Biggs 

Special Awards

The Kevin Hickey Trophy will be awarded for the Most Outstanding Senior Agriculture Exhibit - Sponsored by Onsite Refrigeration & Airconditioning, $50 plus Trophy.

Most Outstanding Junior Agriculture Exhibit - Sponsored by The Southport School, $50 plus Ribbon


Due to seasonal uncertainties, late nominations will be accepted. However all nominations must be received by 4pm Friday 10th July 2020, if you wish to submit a nomination on or before 10th July please call the office on 08 8972 1746 and we will assist you to complete your nomination or complete the nomination online through your account. 


  1. The following rules apply in addition to the Regulations.
  2. All Agriculture entries must be delivered to the Agriculture Pavilion between 8.30am and 4.30pm on Thursday of Show week (16th July 2020.) 
  3. Displays of more than one item are to be creative in a display box, basket, or on a paper bag/plate.
  4. Leafy Asian Vegetables to be presented in a water vessel.
  5. Herbs to be presented in a water vessel or pot.
  6. Collection of vegetables - max size 1m x 1m in box or basket.
  7. Vegie Garden in a wheelbarrow are to be vegetable plants or herbs growing in a portable container such as a wheelbarrow.
  8. Giant Pumpkin must be over 25 kg to qualify for prize money.
  9. Bird Scare (& Scarecrows) Class Rules
    • Exhibits to be made of durable material must withstand being moved about.
    • All items such as boots/hats/props must be securely fastened to the Bird Scare.
    • No paper, cardboard, or fiberglass feed bags allowed.
    • Exhibit must be able to sit/stand on it’s own.
    • A Bird Scare designed to stand must be attached to a star picket to be provided by the entrant.
    • A description of how the Bird Scare works may be included.