Show Info

Led (Equestrian)

Coordinator:  Kym Henderson

Judges: TBA

Prize Money/Voucher Value: 1st - $11, 2nd - $6, 3rd - $4

Special Award

Supreme Champion Led Trophy - Sponsored by Florina Road Store, Trophy.

All Equestrian Rules apply in addition to the following.

  1. Proof may be required to verify the age, height or breed of horse. Proof of current EA, AQHA and/or ASH registration may also be required. Failure to provide proof will result in elimination from that class
  2. All exhibits 2 years of age and over competing in led classes (other than Appaloosa, Quarter Horse, Paints and Coloured Horse breed classes) must have a bit in their mouth.
  3. Appaloosa, Quarter Horse, and Paints must be shown in a halter in their respective breed classes.
  4. Arab, Arab Derivative and Coloured Horse classes may compete in either a halter or bridle with bit.
  5. Height classes must be shown in a bridle.
  6. Stallions: Refer to rule 6 in All Equestrian Rules
  7. Attire for handlers must be clean and tidy and suitable for showring
  8. Any coloured horse class is open to any horse that has not competed in a registered colour breed. Including Piebald, Skewbald, Palomino, Creamy, Appaloosa, Paint, Buckskin, Taffy, Blue or Red Roan. Not including Horse of standard colouring, Greys, Bays, Browns or Chestnuts.