KDSS Annual Barrel Challenge

The KDSS Annual Barrel Challenge between Horse and Motorbike – who will win muscle or machine?

Where: Main Arena. When: Saturday at 5:30pm. Nominations: On the day at 9:00am at the Show Office – you must be 18yrs or over to participate. Nomination Fee (no nomination without payment): $20.00 per run. Prize Money: Jackpots - Fastest Horse & Fastest Motorbike. Please note all competitors must sign a waiver at time of nominating.

Only the first 12 Horses & 12 Motorbikes nominated will be accepted, So get in quick. Only one run per rider unless places are not filled.

Fastest Time Overall -  Sponsored by TBC.

See Donna Simms for Horses and Cameron Dunwell for Motorbikes!


  1. All competitors must wear approved safety helmets.
  2. All competitors must wear closed-in shoes, long pants, shirts with shoulders.  Bike riders must wear gloves.
  3. Competitors may have a running start.
  4. Bikes and horses will run concurrently.
  5. Competitors must do a left handed course. Pattern must be a clover leaf, with the rider crossing their own paths (see below).
  6. Time the competitor as the horse’s shoulders/bike’s front wheel passes through the pegs.
  7. Only one go per rider, no practice runs.
  8. Knock down of a barrel incurs a 5 second penalty.
  9. Holding/touching the barrel incurs a 5 second penalty.
  10. If the rider does not ride the correct pattern, does not start and finish between the pegs or does not do a left hand course - ELIMINATION.