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Battle of the Sexes

Winner of the Battle of the Sexes 2018 - Heather Dingle 

Winner of the Battle of the Sexes 2019 - Abigail McKenna

Men vs Women - Keeping the tradition of competition in the kitchen going – who is the better cook in your house?

2020 will see the 19th year of the “Battle of the Sexes” and the Shelia’s are waaaaaayyyy in front.

Come on Blokes!  Are you going to let the Shelia’s take all the glory again this year?

The Shelia’s have taken the crown home 13 times in comparison to the 6 times the Blokes have taken it home!

Winners from the “Sheila’s Cake” class and the “Bloke’s Cake” class vie it out in the Battle of the Sexes competition with the winner getting their name on the perpetual trophy.