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Poultry & Caged Birds

  • Steward: TBC
  • Judge: TBC

Special Awards

Chief Minister’s Cup” for the School who nominates the most Decorated Chook Silhouettes - Sponsored by the Chief Minister, Trophy.

The Phlip Phillips Memorial Trophy will be awarded for Champion Bird of the Show - Sponsored by , $50 plus Trophy.

Reserve Champion Bird of Show - Sponsored by , Ribbon.

The Best Exhibit by a Junior - Sponsored by , Trophy.

Champion Bantam - Sponsored by T, Ribbon.

Champion Breeding Pair - Sponsored by , Ribbon.

Champion Exhibit by a Novice (a person who has not exhibited in past 3 years) - Sponsored by , Ribbon.

Champion Game Fowl - Sponsored by , Ribbon.

Champion Rare Breed - Sponsored by , Ribbon.

Champion Standard - Sponsored by , Ribbon.

Champion Waterfowl - Sponsored by , Ribbon.

Champion Decorated Chook Silhouette - Sponsored by Katherine Community Bank (Bendigo Bank), Ribbon.

Reserve Champion Decorated Chook Silhouette - Sponsored by Katherine Community Bank (Bendigo Bank), Ribbon.


  1. The following rules apply in addition to the Regulations.
  2. Poultry will be judged in accordance with the Australian Poultry Standards.
  3. Poultry will be received on the Showgrounds between 7am - 7pm Wednesday prior to showday no entries will be accepted on the day of judging.
  4. Judging will commence at 9am Thursday prior to the Show. Exhibitors may be present during judging, however they are not permitted to address or interfere with the judge until judging has been completed.
  5. Entries may be collected between 4pm - 6pm on Saturday of the Show or between 10am - 12pm on Sunday. Other times only by prior arrangement with the stewards. Entries are not to be removed without the Steward/s being present.
  6. Any bird carrying parasites or showing signs of illness will be refused entry to the pavilion.
  7. The Society may order a veterinary inspection as and when it deems necessary.
  8. No bird may be entered in more than one class. Birds in pair classes are not eligible for individual Champion awards.
  9. Juniors (17yrs and under) please mark your entry slips as “junior”.
  10. Eggs laid throughout the show will be removed and destroyed.
  11. Nomination slips for the wooden silhouette classes must be firmly attached to the back of the entry.
  12. Egg classes:  Hen egg entries require 12 eggs.  Duck egg entries only require 6 eggs.
  13. Decorated egg classes are one egg only unless stated otherwise.