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Steward: TBC

Judge: TBC

Special Awards

Champion Pet of the Show - Sponsored by , $50 plus Ribbon.

Reserve Champion Pet of the Show - Sponsored by e, $35 plus Ribbon.

Most Talented Pet Award - Sponsored by , $35 plus Ribbon.


  1. The following rules apply in addition to the Regulations.
  2. All animals (inc. Birds) need to be bathed before show and need to be vermin free as they will be inspected by the vet.
  3. KDSS may order a veterinary inspection as and when it deems necessary.
  4. All exhibits will be vetted in. No sick or incorrectly caged pets will be admitted.
  5. Poultry (inc. Quails) are to be entered under poultry section.
  6. Pets are to be presented at the Pet Pavilion between 7:45 - 8am (day may be changed please see here for further details). Judging will commence promptly at 8:30am.
  7. Exhibitors are to remain with their pets, to handle and display until judging is complete.
  8. All Pets must leave the area immediately after judging.  They are all welcome to enter in the Grand Parade.  Juniors entering the Grand Parade with their exhibits will receive a free ride ticket.
  9. Winners of the Champion & Reserve Champion are requested to be part of the Grand Parade.
  10. To give the Judge sufficient time to evaluate them, Paintings & Poems are to be delivered to the Show Office, by 4pm Friday two weeks prior to Showday.