Jamming It Up for the Show!

Posted Jun 16, 2017 2:56 PM

The challenge has been put out!  The “Old Chutney Queens” are disputing the “New Chutney Queen” crown and think they should be reinstated.  The Katherine Show has put up prize money of $50 for the best overall preserve.  Executive Officer, Sue Sinclair said she has received a lot of interest in this challenge and is looking forward to seeing who will wear the new crown.

The Katherine Show has classes for marmalade, rosella jam and any variety of jam or jelly that you can try your hand at.  Juniors can also enter their jam or jelly in the under 18yo section and if you make lots of varieties there is a special award, in memory of Anne-Maree Wilson, for the best collection of 6 preserves.

Start cooking up your jams now as it isn’t long until the Show and they will keep well into next year and even after being opened, most jams will keep for months in the fridge.  Homemade jam is much tastier than supermarket varieties, even those that don’t turn out perfectly will be yummy on your breakfast toast.

When preparing to make your jam, choose good quality fruit and wash it thoroughly.  Choose fruit that is in season for the best jam.

Handy hint:  When your jam is cooked and you think it is ready, test by placing on a cold saucer.  If it wrinkles when pushed gently with your finger it is set.

Judges tips

  • Make sure the jars are clean and polished.
  • Check the rules for jar sizes and labelling.
  • Jam should be bright in colour with fruit evenly suspended; it should be of a firm dropping and spreading consistency.
  • Judging is done on taste, look and presentation:  Ensure the contents of the jar(s) are easily viewed, this applies especially to collections; the look of the preserve is important, it should be even in texture and of the right consistency; and finally flavour, it must taste delicious!