All Equestrian Rules

6. Equestrian

6.1 All Equestrian Rules

  1. The event shall be run in accordance with the Katherine & District Show Society Rules and Regulations.
  2. Entry to this event is voluntary and shall constitute an agreement and affirmation by the Exhibitor(s)/Owner(s)/Responsible Officer which includes Lessee’s (Manager/Rider/Handler) to compete, subject to and in accordance with the KDSS Competition Rules and Regulations. By Entry it is the Absolute Liability of all participants to agree to be bound by the decisions of the Katherine & District Show Society Committee and compete in accordance with all Rules and Conditions and decisions made applicable to the competition.
  3. Attire for handlers must be clean, tidy and suitable for show ring. Riding attire is boots, hat, shirt, tie and preferably jodhpurs, coat is optional. All riders under 18 years must wear approved safety helmets at all times whilst mounted. This includes warm up and exercise areas. Approved headgear Australian AS/NZ 3838, European EN1384, USA ASTNF1163. In show Ring classes (Hack, Rider and Pony Club) riders under 18 years are not permitted to wear long boots, gaiters/chapettes.
  4. Dressage, Showjumping, Hack and Rider classes will be run under the rules and regulations of the EA (Equestrian Federation of Australia). These rules can be found at
  5. ASH classes will be run under the rules and regulations of the Australian Stock Horse Society. These rules can be found at
  6. Western classes will be run under the rules and regulations of the Australian Quarter Horse Society. These rules can be found at
  7. Pony Club Showjumping and Novelties will be run under the rules and regulations of Pony Club Association of the NT (excluding Barrel Challenge). The only official Pony Club events are Pony Club Showjumping.
  8. Stallions must be handled by persons competent to do so and cannot compete in open Hack or Rider classes unless specified. Stallions must be handled/ridden by persons 18 years or over. AQHA Youth rules apply to AQHA members (AQHA 63.5 Youth are not permitted to handle/ride/exhibit colts/stallions at any AQHA approved show). Youth - riders who are under 18 years of age as from 1 August of the preceding year.
  9. Horses are not permitted beyond the stallion stalls, at the risk of disqualification from all events.
  10. Protests must be lodged with the Executive Officer, in writing, within one hour of the conclusion of the event from which the protest arises, together with a $20 fee, refundable if the protest is upheld.
  11. The Judge/Dispute Committee has the right to request that any competitor/handler be removed from the competition for bad conduct.
  12. The Judge/Dispute Committee may request that any lame/injured/diseased or stressed horse be removed from the competition or the grounds.
  13. The KDSS Dispute Committee reserves the right to interpret all questions and conditions, and shall make any relevant decision in regarding to or arising from any incident at or pertaining to this show. Any questions not covered in the conditions or rules of entry will be decided by the Dispute Committee.
  14. Streptococcus equi (Strangles) infection is common flu like disease of horses in Australia. During 1999 & 2000 there were cases detected in Darwin, Katherine, Alice Springs and outlining areas. It is all owners’ responsibility to ensure that all horses are vaccinated.
  15. Acts of cruelty while competing/or at the Show that breach the KDSS Animal Welfare Policy shall be acted upon by the Dispute Committee (their decision is final). The Animal Welfare Policy is available from of by contacting the office.
  16. The KDSS Committee has the right to change any Judge or the Program at any time without notice.
  17. Any unruly horses may be requested to be removed from the ring or grounds by the Judge or Committee.
  18. Permission from the Ring Master or Ring Steward must be obtained to approach any Judge. Permission may be refused by the Judge or the Steward.
  19. Competitors shall not enter or leave the Ring when judging has commenced without permission from the Judge, Ring Steward or Ring Master.
  20. Competitors and Exhibitors must be respectful to Judges and Officials at all times and abide by the Rules and Regulations in all competitions throughout the show.
  21. Horses must enter events through the Marshalling Area gate only; entrants will be called twice only. Rings will be held only on the Ring Master’s decision. Entry from exit gates may result in disqualification from class concerned.
  22. Proof of associate membership and waiver must be produced before entering the Ring for each event or entry may be denied, this in the form of coloured wrist straps or other proof issued by the Show Society.
  23. Entry tickets for each event must be handed to the Ring Steward at the beginning of the event. Failure to provide a ticket will result in the competitor not being allowed to compete in that class.
  24. Proof may be required to verify the age, height, breed of horse or age of rider. Proof of current EA, AQHA and/or ASH registration may also be required. Failure to provide proof will result in elimination from that class.
  25. Any horse competing in a registered breed class may be asked for proof of registration. Failure to provide proof will result in elimination from that class.
  26. EA measuring (fees apply) will be available on the grounds on Monday before the show, horses to be presented unsaddled but in a bridle. Check website or contact the office to confirm time/date.
  27. Where applicable on entry forms EA, AQHA and/or ASH horse registration numbers and registered owner/rider names and numbers are to be provided. Failure to provide these numbers may result in entry being denied.
  28. In District Classes rider, owner and horse must have resided in the Katherine District 12 months prior to the show. The district is north to Hayes Creek, south to Elliott and border to border, within these parallels, including Lajamanu and Douglas Daly. Junior Riders who are currently attending Boarding Schools (Primary or High Schools) outside the Katherine District, but who have previously resided in the Katherine District, and whose parents still reside here are eligible to compete in District Classes. This does not apply to University or Higher Education students who are living outside the Katherine District.
  29. No lunging of horses in the marshalling yard or sand roll area adjacent to the wash bay is permitted.
  30. Dressage, Showjumping & selected EA Rider/Hack classes are pre-nominated events. Entries must be completed on show nomination system. No late entries will be accepted – check website for closing date. Incorrect entries will not be accepted and entry fees will be forfeited. Entry fees will only be refunded if a veterinary certificate is furnished.
  31. NT ASH Bred must be nominated along with the other relevant class entries, on the show website; no fee for nomination.
  32. All other Equestrian events can be nominated for or by purchase of a ticket.  Limited tickets will be sold at the show office during the show. Tickets will only be sold to persons wearing the correct wristbands.
  33. All exhibits 2 years of age and over competing in led classes (other than Appaloosa, Quarter Horse, Paints, Miniatures and Coloured Horse breed classes) must have a bit in their mouth. Appaloosa, Quarter Horse, and Paints must be shown in a halter in their respective breed classes. Arab, Arab Derivative, Miniatures and Coloured Horse classes may compete in either a halter or bridle with bit.
  34. Neither the Katherine & District Show Society nor the EA accepts any liability for any accident, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, grounds, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever.
  35. No alcohol is allowed in, or can be consumed in the marshalling areas, working arenas or show pen/contest areas.
  36. All youth competing or taking part in an AQHA approved event, must have written permission from their parent/guardian to be at that event as a contestant or participant and in the case of a contest, the parent/guardian must also sign the entry form. All youth competing or taking part in an AQHA approved event must be in the care of a responsible adult who is in attendance for the duration of that event, whilst the youth is in attendance at that event.
  37. Any injuries must be reported to the Executive Officer. The necessary documentation must be completed at the direction of the Executive Officer or nominated representative. Any damaged equipment or resulting hazard from an accident must be removed from competition and/or isolated from public access. This can include a person(s) directing the public away from the area until the Executive Officer can be contacted.
  38. It is the discretion of the committee to refuse any competitor the chance to compete if it is thought that they may be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. Any person suspected may be required to undertake a test. Competitors must return a 0 blood alcohol level. No refund to be given if under the influence.

6.2 EA Measuring

Will be available on the grounds, horses to be presented unsaddled but in a bridle.  There is a fee for this. All EA registered horses must have their registration paperwork with them otherwise they will be measured as unregistered. The cost for non registered horses is $20 per horse. Cost for registered horses is $10 per horse, please try and bring the correct amount as changing big notes can sometimes be difficult. The following standard rules will apply to all measuring days (a full copy of the EA Measuring rules is available from the web site)

  • Handler must be 16 yrs of age or over
  • Horse must be presented in a bridle with a bit
  • Horse must have all boots/bandage/rugs removed prior to measuring
  • Handler must be wearing appropriate, covered footwear (no thongs)

If the horse is shod, it will only be measured if it is either fully shod (all 4), or shod in both front feet.  Horses with only hind shoes or with a front shoe missing will not be measured

6.3 Equestrian Conduct

Competitors/participants at any event run by the Katherine and District Show Society have a responsibility to ensure the welfare of their horses and at all times treat their horses humanely and with dignity, respect and compassion.  Participants, handlers or competitors must adhere to the KDSS Animal Welfare Policy. The Judge/Dispute Committee has the right to request that any competitor/handler be removed from the competition for bad conduct. The Judge/Dispute Committee may request that any lame/injured/diseased or stressed horse be removed from the competition or the grounds.

Competitors/participants are to conduct themselves in a professional manner and act with integrity in all dealings with the Affiliate and other competitors. To uphold the rules and regulations of the Katherine and District Show Society and the AQHA at all times. Competitors/participants are to demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times, showing respect for your fellow competitors and officials, following the rules to treat people the way you yourself wish to be treated.