Our Team

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Note:  The financial year runs from 1st September to 31st August.

Committee Members 

Cathy Highet - President

Donna Warland - Senior VP

Heather Dingle - Junior VP

Anna Kerwin - Treasurer

Kym Henderson - Committee Member

Lee Henderson - Committee Member

Jacqui Paull - Committee Member

Del Harlan - Committee Member

Colleen McTaggart - Committee Member

Linda Fletcher - Committee Member

Ashleigh Leeson - Committee Member

Tabitha Rossi - Committee Member

Vacant - Committee Member


Lauren Kingsley - Show Officer

Vacant - Admin Officer 

Vacant - Grounds Supervisor (Temp)

Honorary Vet 2019

Dr Alex Burleigh

NT Veterinary Services - Katherine

Contact: (08) 89723599 (24 Hour Emergency)

Email: info@ntvet.com.au

Website: www.ntvet.com.au

Stewards & Judges

If you are interested in becoming a Steward or Judge for the 2021 Katherine Show, please contact the office on 08 8972 1746

Honorary Life Members

Mrs F Anderson

Mr A Highet

Mrs K Pate

Ms S Arnold

Mrs C Highet

Mrs R Pfitzner

Mr T Avenell

Mr D Hill

Mr R Phillips

Mrs R Avenell

Mrs P Hooper

Mrs I Phillips

Mrs B Chandler

Mr S Jones

Mrs A Reed

Mr G Cole

Mrs A Kerwin

Mr G Scott

Mrs F Cox

Mr J King

Mrs K Short

Mr L Crabb

Mrs M King

Ms J Short

Mrs B Crabb

Mr K Landsdowne

Ms D Simms

Ms G Davies

Mrs J Locke

Mr B Smith

Mr G Dayes

Mr A Maddern

Mr K South

Mr K De Witte

Mrs J Maddern

Mrs G South

Mrs P Ducey

Mrs J Morrow

Mr J Thompson

Mr P Farnden

Mrs J Nankivell

Mr J Trezona

Mrs G Hagger

Mr G Palmer

Mr D Wegener

Mrs F Harvey

Mrs B Palmer

Mr J Wheeler

Mr D Higgins

Mr R Pate

Mrs M Wright

Mrs K Leonhardt

Mr J Leonhardt

Mrs R Plume-Fowler-Dreon

Thank You

Thank you to the Stewards, Judges & Volunteers of the Katherine Show. Their generosity in donating their time and effort to the running of the Show is greatly appreciated by the members, committee, staff and patrons of the Show. 

We are looking for volunteers and stewards to help out at the next Show.  If you can help or know of someone who would like to be involved, please contact us.